The Original & The Best!

January 10, 2016

Telephone Table


1960s Telephone Table
You’ve probably guessed I’m partial to a telephone table, and I’d say this one is hands down my favourite design. I’ve had the pleasure of restoring several of these stylish gems. Chippy Heath made tons of these in the 1960’s and they’re still pretty sought after today. With its splayed legs and angular shape it clearly takes queues from classic Danish design pieces. This one took abit of a battering on route to me but its been carefully brought back to its charming best. Sold**


Back In Business!

December 1, 2015

Arne Wahl Iverson Planter, Entry Table


1960’s Arne Wahl Teak Planter
Following an 18 month absence (with an energetic toddler to show for it!) what better way to entice me back than with this stunning piece. Manufactured in Denmark by Mobelfabrik this Arne Wahl entry table doubles up as a planter and carries all the hallmarks of classic Danish design. These beauties are pretty rare away from the hands of serious furniture sellers and auction houses so I was pretty chuffed to walk away with this one for only a few quid. It took ages to tease out the various ring marks and scuffs but now its sitting happily in my hallway awaiting its new life.

1950s G Plan Butterfly Chairs

After being fooled by the last set I bought, I was much more cautious when I spotted these chairs wrapped in plastic in the junk shop. Fortunately the gold makers stamp on the underside of each chair meant I didn’t have to quibble about it for too long! Painting the ebony frames, polishing the butterfly back rests & reupholstering the seat pads in a gorgeous quilted teal bought them back to their iconic best. Sold**

Swingin’ Sixties

May 17, 2014


1960s Hairpin Leg Formica Table
Hairpin legged furniture seems to be all the rage these days! So I was really pleased to stumble across this original 1960s hairpin leg table in my local junkshop. The yellow formica carries a fab geometric pattern which contrasts wonderfully with the white coated wire legs, and gives a shout out to the sixties era it was made in. Unfortunately I had to pay quite a bit more than my budget usually allows but it was definitely worth the splurge! Sold**

Tola Tombola

August 11, 2013

G Plan Chest of Drawers 1958
The 1950s fashion for black legs and brass fittings gave birth to G Plan’s ‘Liberenza’ range. This chest with its gilt capped feet, distinctive ebonised base & tola wood construction make it instantly recognisable as one of several pieces from the range. Not knowing much about tola wood I wasn’t instantly taken by this chest and nearly left it behind. But its charming brass loop handles won me over and a quick paint touch up has made it gleam like new.

1950s Curved Telephone Table
Its not often you come across a show stopper like this one. Infact these telephone tables are so rare that I’ve only seen two others for sale in the last 5 years! The curved back rest, sleigh legs & mustard upholstery make it a mid century classic, and an absolute gem of a find! It arrived with some chips to the woodwork and a 1984 telephone directory hidden inside one of the drawers! Following a thorough scrub down & polish its been shipped to its new home in Northern Ireland. Sold**

The Munich Poster King

June 30, 2013


Munich Zoo Eagles Poster 1911
In my eyes Ludwig Hohlwein (1874 – 1949) is quite possibly the greatest poster artist that ever lived. His stunning artwork was primarily influenced by the collage technique of the Beggarstaff Brothers, and uses a masterful combination of illustration & design. After dropping plenty of hints I got this fantastic eagles poster (advertising the opening of Munich Zoo in 1911) for my birthday. It joins a striking leopard one I already have, and with over 3000 Hohlwein poster prints to choose from theres something for everyone so get involved!

Rattan – tastic!

June 14, 2013

Franco Albini Ottoman 1951
I generally associate wicker with dated conservatory furniture so I ate my words when I came across this delightful piece. Handwoven & designed by Franco Albini in 1951 for Vittorio Bonacina, this one is so cool that it forms part of the permanent collection at the MOMA, New York! Its made from bent rattan and is a great way to add a natural touch to a modern space. Plus I’ve discovered that it doubles up nicely as a coffee table, not bad for the handsome price of £7!

Alfred Cox For Heals

April 27, 2013

1950s Alfred Cox Chest of Drawers
British manufacturer Alfred Cox produced high quality designs which retailed in Heals throughout the 1950s & 60s. I’ve generally considered their furniture to be out of my league so I was pretty excited when this striking chest of drawers came my way! Made from veneered walnut panels and sat on wonderful angular legs it screams glamour. Unfortunately the one I have looks like it has been through a warzone, and I’ve never worked with walnut so its restoration should be interesting (aka, long & hardwork, urgh!)

‘Astro’ Delight

February 23, 2013

‘Astro’ Coffee Table

This is the most collectable coffee table in G Plan’s back catalogue. The popular design dates from 1969 & is attributed to V B Wilkins. We were given one by my husband’s relatives when we moved into our first home – it single handedly started my ‘teak’ love affair and has taken pride of place in our living spaces ever since!

BORN to Rock!

January 26, 2013

IMG_7748 copy
1960s Ercol Grandfather Rocker

This is Ercol rocking chair is super sized for super comfort. Made using solid elm planks & beech wood spindles it really is quite splendid! The seat pad is low & very generous allowing you to tuck right into it – perfect for rocking in front of the fire on a cold winter night. I managed to pick up two of these old relic’s in a nearby junkshop, and even got a discount for buying both! Getting them home in our little car was a bit eventful – we stuffed one in the back & the other took up my spot in the passenger seat leaving me to walk home in the snow! Sold**

1966 G Plan ‘Fresco’ Chairs
This handsome pair are from the popular ‘Fresco’ range and were designed for G Plan by VB Wilkins. The circular seat pad & curved, padded back rest makes for arguably one of G Plan’s most comfortable chairs – with sufficient padding to park any size behind! They can be found in a variety of fabrics but these have retained their original black vinyl upholstery. I carried them home from a nearby junkshop, which seemed like a good idea until I woke up the next day and couldn’t move my arms from the pain! Sold**

photo1950’s Butterfly Chairs
These are G Plan’s most iconic & instantly recognisable chairs from their earlier Liberenza range. Designed in 1955 by E. Gomme they are uniquely crafted using tola wood curved back rests & ebonised frames. I squealed with joy when I got my hands on a set of these but it turns out mine are a very good copy and not the real thing! Back to the drawing board..

1960s Ercol TV Cabinet
Another absolute show stopper from Lucian Ercolani. As with all Ercol pieces this cabinet has been constructed from solid elm and has a striking grain pattern! Its complete with oval lock handles, original shephards castors & dovetail joinery. The doors are on tracks and can be tucked inside the TV compartment to create a delightful cinema experience. I dragged my poor husband down some dark country lanes to collect this one and it didn’t fit in his car! Fortunately the owner saved the day (and my tears) by generously offering to deliver it. Sold**

Telephone Table
1960s Telephone Table

This one nearly reduced me to tears – took 8 hrs to scrape off the bad varnish job & the best tool I had was a butter knife! A quick polish & some much needed love has made it quite a sight to behold. I tarted it up with a newly upholstered cushion, & had no doubt it would compliment any hallway it had the pleasure of adorning. Sold**

Al ‘Fresco’ Feast!

September 6, 2012

chest of drawers
1960s G Plan Chest
This rather charming 3 drawer teak chest/cabinet is from G Plan’s immensely popular ‘Fresco’ range, which is credited with starting the revolution in Scandinavian style furniture. I spotted the distinctive handles the minute I stepped into the junk shop & with the help of my other half swiftly bundled it into the back of his car and made a quick getaway before anyone else could claim it! The drawers are dovetailed, the lines are clean, the grain pattern is gorgeous and the top drawer hides a lovely cutlery tray (complete with purple velvet lining – fancy!) What more could you want? Sold**

vintage fire bucket
1940s Vintage Fire Bucket
After spying one of these fantastic 1940s buckets a few weeks ago I knew I had to have one! and mine is now sitting happily by the fireplace – I can’t think of a better way to store coal & kindling. These fire buckets have become quite ‘trendy’ and are being used in a variety of ways – planters, hanging baskets, waste paper bins, umbrella stands, etc. Given their age and original function they tend to be a bit battered with chips to the paintwork but that just adds to their charm – go on, get one!

NYPD Blue!

July 8, 2012

1950s Stacking Policeman
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE vintage wooden stacking toys! The Eastern European ones are my most favourite. If you look hard enough you can find them in a variety of characters – fireman, hula girl, pirate, penguin, etc.. This rather happy looking policeman came from 1950s Czechoslavakia but the £69.95 (!) price tag was a bit steep but oogling is free so I’ve been happily obliging..

Strike Two!

June 24, 2012

chest of drawers 1950s Stag Chest
I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across another one of these delightful chests literally within days of finding the last! Same as before but the veneer is walnut with ebonised legs & edges. Unfortunately this one was dragged across the floor on its side leaving it with some unsightly war wounds. But I’m hoping some elbow grease will get it sparkling again. Sold**

The Dynamic Duo

June 17, 2012

1950s STAG Chest of Drawers

I’ve recently become the proud owner of one of these glorious chests – unfortunately mine isn’t as slick so I’m in the process of sanding back the oak veneer to make it gleem. They were designed in the 1950s by dynamic (husband & wife) duo John & Sylvia Reid for STAG as part of their ‘C’ range. The stark design, recessed handles & turned feet have made them highly sought after – and unlike many of their counterparts STAG furniture was mass factory produced meaning theres alot of it floating about so keep your eyes peeled! Sold**

Size Matters!

June 2, 2012

1960s Europa Chest Of Drawers

This substantial piece was manufactured by Harris Lebus of London, and designed by Danish born Cyril Rostgaard as part of their ‘Europa’ range. The chest is constructed from a combination of solid teak (handles & base) and teak veneer/formica – truly ground breaking in its day! It consists of a bank of 9 drawers which feature beautifully scalloped teak handles & the main body of the chest sits on a ‘sleigh’ leg base. Veneer has a tendency to chip so I was surprised to find it in such good order – I spent a bit of time scrubbing out a couple of sticky marks & removing several paint specs but otherwise it was all set for its photo shoot! Sold**

3 Little Pebbles..

May 27, 2012

nest of tables
1950s Ercol ‘Pebble’ Nest of Tables
I can’t say how much I paid for these little beauties because its criminal – but lets just say you’d pay more for a couple of pints! Made from solid elm planks with rounded edges and beech tapered, turned legs these pebble shape tables have a wonderful simplicity of design & appealing curves. Originally designed in 1956 they continue to be highly sought after, and its easy to see why! Sanding & polishing out the red wine and water stains was quite a trauma but worth it to expose the gorgeous grain. Sold**

light shade
1950s Industrial Factory Light

These old glass pendant lights are simply mouth watering – originally built for extreme factory environments they are made from cast iron and thickened glass, and super robust. Such is the desirability of these gems that their price tags are sky high. I paid a pretty penny for the one that hangs in my hallway but justified the cost by buying it as a gift for my boyfriend – sneaky! I’m trying to come up with an excuse to get another one so we have a matching pair but as yet the rent seems like more of a priority!

1950s Retro, Mid Century Sofabed
This magnificent piece is truly in a league of its own. The frame is made from solid beech wood and the design speaks for itself – the tapered, circular legs & elegantly curved armrests are complimented perfectly by the thick brown woven upholstery. It was love at first sight when I spotted it abandoned in the back room of a junkshop, despite being covered in cat hair and being heavily stained! I hoovered up every last trace of its previous owner’s cat and steam cleaned the dirty upholstery leaving it gleaming. It transforms into its sofabed alter ego using a simple lift mechanism, and the seatpad also lifts up to reveal a bit of hidden storage space – ideal for storing board games & hiding clutter when you have guests! Sold**

chest of drawers
1950s Retro Bedside Cabinets
Salvaged from an almost certain death – this stylish pair started life as a rather drab looking dressing table set but removing the ghastly mirrors & replacing the drawer handles has given them a new lease of life! The black splayed legs make them an instant retro hit and the petite size provides the perfect diguise for their new life as bedside cabinets. The light weight wood veener frames needed quite a scrub after being banished to the far corner of a junkshop but who would know now that they were ever anything short of fabulous!! Sold**

Whose for Corrie?

May 12, 2012

tv chair
1950s Parker Knoll TV Chair

These chairs are so rare that it took me almost a year to track one down, & like buses several came at once making me the proud owner of 3! Originally designed in the 50s simply to lounge in front of the TV on, their status today has been propelled to retro gold – with their low slung style, velvet upholstery & stunning framework making them one of the best looking chairs in Parker Knoll’s catalogue. It took me a while to sand (out the names ‘Abby’ & ‘Becca’ that were scratched into the framework in child’s handwriting!) and get them back to their stylish best. & so much was the temptation of these delightful gems that I couldn’t resist keeping one for myself – the other two are soon to be whisked off to their new home. Sold**

Hot And Bothered..

May 6, 2012

1960s Pifco Fan
I’ve been on the hunt for one of these beauties for ages but they’ve always been a bit overpriced for my pocket. But that changed when this sweet little one smiled up at me from a tabletop sale in Bristol’s Bearpit. These lovely little gems were mass made in the 60s/70s in many eye catching colours, and capture the retro era beautifully! You have the option of sitting it on your desk or mounting it to the wall – either way you need never be hot & bothered again!

1950s  Factory Clock
My lovely in-laws treated me to a bit of cash for my 30th so I quickly set about finding myself a suitable treasure! & this retro delight is the product of my labour – these huge flip clocks have made quite a come back & its not surprising given their aesthetic appeal. It’s a bit scuffed but keeps time like a dream & has brought me no end of joy in the few days I’ve had it.

Anyone For Mojito?

May 1, 2012

cocktail chairs
1960s Cocktail Chairs
Right till the point I photographed this pair I wasn’t sure how much I liked them! But looking at them now there’s no denying their almost regal quality, and its easy to see why cocktail chairs are becoming increasingly popular – classically shaped with subtly winged backs and sturdy, angular armrests – they scream elegance. They came to me in great vintage condition with even the original upholstery looking untouched – not bad given this glamourous pair are over 50 years old! Sold**

Criminally Good Looking!

April 28, 2012

1960’s Guy Rogers Sofa
So, it’s my 30th birthday and I’ve treated myself to a little something, and gosh its good looking! I’ve never been so enticed by a piece of furniture – produced by Guy Rogers in 1969 for Heals of London it’s the ultimate in mid century living. Beautifully shaped & handcrafted in solid afromosia its seriously mouth watering, and as a bonus its original mustard upholstery is in great condition & perfect for lounging on!

The Cushion Project

April 24, 2012

20120428-105934.jpgScreen Print Cushions
This is the latest addition to my already handsome cushion collection! Made by the women of One25 (a project that reaches out to women trapped in street sex work, supporting them to break free and build new lives away from violence, poverty and addiction) using screen printing and sewing techniques – I think you’ll agree that the end product is pretty amazing! I instantly fell in love with this bird print, one of several designs made by women who access the drop in service at One25 with the help of Helen Hewitt – okdora (One25 Life Skills Worker & all round creative genius!). Snap up your own when more are made for sale later this year..

The Sound Of Music..

February 13, 2012

record player

Fidelity HF43 Record Player

These uber retro record players are making quite a come back! I brought this one for my boyfriend for his last birthday. I was drawn in by the fantastic tangerine colour case rather than the quality of the product. Fortunately it turned out to be a winner – with surprisingly good sound quality, and in classic 70s style it’s fully portable with tuck away cable and an easy grip handle. I spent ages painstakingly cleaning it with cotton buds to get it gleaming again but it was worth it to see it back to its vintage best!

Small But Perfectly Formed!

January 24, 2012

Telephone Table
1960s Chippy Telephone Table/Seat
As you might have guessed I’m a bit partial to a telephone table and the quirky charm of this delightful little one instantly caught my eye. Beautifully made, it has an extending seat that tucks away when not in use and also benefits from a from a single drawer unit – plus a rather handy wipe-clean, notepad/pull out shelf! Although petite in appearance it easily holds its own and makes quite a statement. It came to me with a broken leg but I put my first aid skills to use to give it a new lease of life, and then jazzed it up with some colourful new upholstery. Sold**

Classic 1950s Glamour..

December 10, 2011

Kitchen Cabinet
1950s Kitchen Cabinet
This glorious piece started life in an ivory colour but that quickly changed when I got my hands on it! Now an elegant ‘duck egg’ blue this picture was taken mid restoration – it took ages to scrub away the years of grime and sand back the woodwork but worth it to bring this old relic back to life. These highly functional cabinets have been making a comeback for some time with people appreciating their quintessentially 1950s appeal and storage potential – this particular one lives in my bathroom and hides away all the toilet roll & bleach!

Map This..

December 4, 2011

1950s Phillips School Wall Map

Old school wall charts like this one have gained great popularity over the last few years & are selling for big bucks. I took little notice of the ones hanging in the humanities dept at my school – and I realise now that I should’ve been plotting ways to get a few in my bag for later riches! This one of North America has particular nostalgic quality following a fantastic road trip I did through California this summer. Unfortunately it sold for far more than even I could justify!

dining chairs
1962 Kofod Larsen Dining Chairs
So, I’ve managed to restore another 4 of these glorious chairs, albeit miraculously given the rather distressing state they were in! I roped my dad into helping me this time – he patiently scraped away at the unplesant glue remains and repaired the wobbles, and after a much needed clean, sand & polish they are (almost) back to their elegant best. This set has been re-upholstered in a gorgeous olive green fabric giving them a fabulous mid century glow. I originally had 10 of these chairs and to my delight I’ve been able to bring 8 of them back to life but the last couple really are beyond repair and will have to remain as spares! Sold**

teak chairs
1962 Ib Kofod Larsen Chairs
Designed for G Plan’s Danish range these chairs are simply striking. The floating seatpads, hidden fixings & rich teak framework firmly secures their iconic status. I’ve got 10 of these increasingly rare chairs but sadly they arrived in varying degrees of quality – some have wobbles/breaks while others have been subjected to a ghastly glue job, and one has even had its leg chewed by a dog(!) So far I’ve salvaged 4 & have recovered them in a gorgeous rich teal fabric. Perfect to add an air of sophistication to any dining experience. Sold**

This is… Miroslav Sasek

November 1, 2011

childrens books1960s Children’s Picture Book Series
In the 1960s Czech born author & illustrator Miroslav Sasek created some of the most beautiful children’s books ever made! His‘This Is’ series introduces kids to great countries, cities & landmarks in an entertaining and understanding way. It was the effortless mix of fun facts, charming detail & quirky illustrations that made them an instant hit with me! There are 18 books in the set and I already own 5 – London, Paris, New York, Edinburgh & San Francisco. I’ve had to boundary my urge to buy the lot by resolving to only treat myself to the countries I’ve been to! The books are wonderfully enticing and the artwork is simply beautiful – and while little is known about Sasek it cannot be denied that he has left a truly wonderful legacy.

Murder She Wrote..

October 31, 2011

1960s Typewriter

I had a big smile on my face when my boyfriend brought me this back from a trip to Brighton. I’ve been using it to plot the various ways I plan to take over the world! It’s much more fun than typing on a computer and has the added bonus of making you feel like Jessica Fletcher..

Save The Day..

October 29, 2011

perpetual calendar
1950s Perpetual Calendar

These old calendars work using a series of 6 knobs which wind forwards & backwards to display the date – and this particular beauty is one of the most beloved items in my treasure trove. They were commonly seen in post offices back in the 60s & 70s and are now highly sought after to add a touch of vintage charm to modern interiors. They’re generally quite pricey but given you’ll never need to replace it I’d say its a very wise investment. Incidentally this one is set at my birthday so no excuses!

Lime & Soda Water

October 23, 2011

soda syphon
1920s Vintage Soda Syphon

After seeing a beautiful soda syphon that some friends had lugged back from Brazil – I knew I had to have one! Traditionally used for dispensing soda water they’ve come back into fashion following the trend to acquire classic products. I thought a couple of them could look great in my bathroom filled with handwash to add a bit of old world charm. But I stupidly misread the measurements and had a bit of a shock when they turned out to be 40cm tall! So now they sit on my dresser with no other purpose than to look gorgeous.

Top Drawer

October 15, 2011

1964 Austinsuite Chest of Drawers
I still kick myself for letting go of this one! Designed by Frank Guille for high end manufacturer Austinsuite, these wonderful chests have become the only way to store your clothes! Guille held the belief that ‘function lies within form’ and he demonstrated this effortlessly with his body of work, and this piece with its scalloped handles & tapered feet is no exception. The distinctly Danish appearance teamed with the richness of the teak really does make it stand out from its peers. I rescued this one from a charity shop – the vendour even knocked £5 off for a scratch it was carrying, which I quickly remedied to get it looking as good as new. Sold**

Writings On The Wall..

October 12, 2011

desk1960s Writing Desk
A timeless offering from master manufacturer – Austinsuite. This gorgeous piece started life as a dressing table but easily disguises itself as a desk. With its gorgeous scalloped handles & distinctive feet – sitting & writing out your tax returns has never been so glamourous! Sold**

Ercol Dining Set1950s Ercol Dining Table & Chairs
This iconic dining set was designed by Lucian Ercolani in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Dating from the 50s the table is constructed from solid elm planks with rounded edges. The 4 ‘Quaker’ chairs are made from elm & beech and are supported by 6 spindles. A great example of master craftsmanship which has been built to last and is very easy on the eye. After roping my dad into ferrying these back home – I had quite a job sanding the table surface to rid it of some garish marks. I had to sand it twice after stupidly using a dirty paint brush to apply the varnish but the sores on my hands were quickly forgotten when admiring the finished product – elegant is an understatement. Sold**

1950s Bookcase/Display Cabinet
These old bookcases are often sneered at and ignored in junkshops but in the right environment they can really shine! The sliding glass doors work on simple runners and the shelf feature can be adjusted to sit at two different levels. Often made from solid teak and with elegant proportions they not only look great but are also very practical – the slim line shape means they don’t take up much space and are perfect for storing all those extra books! They won’t be ignored forever so get one while they’re still cheap and before everyone catches on.. Sold**

Its Good To Talk..

October 2, 2011

Telephone Table1960s Telephone Table
Having been very popular in the 1960s & 70s telephone tables have lost their way abit. But this means you can often pick one up for pennies and there are lots of styles around. This one has splayed legs & a sweet little shelf for your phone. It was a bit worn when I got it but it didn’t take long to jazz it up ready for its new home. Sold**

Ceramic Plates
Moroccan Plates
I brought these beautiful glazed plates back from Marrakesh. They’re hand thrown & hand painted in traditional safi designs. So whether you hang one on your wall or pile it with fruit on your dining table – it’ll add a fantastic touch of colour to your interior.

The French Know Best?

September 30, 2011

Casserole Dish

1970s Le Creuset Casserole Dish
French made ‘Le Creuset’ is as good as it gets when it comes to crockery. I prefer their vintage pieces over the newer & less charming designs. I’ve got my eye on this little pot – not only is it full of charm & character but in an eye catching turquoise. Just need to find a way to justify adding yet another pot to my collection!

A Danish Mastermind

September 29, 2011

Dining Table1962 Ib Kofod-Larsen Table
Today Danish born Kofod-Larsen’s pieces are more desirable than ever, and as G Plan’s most famous designer its easy to see why people are willing to pay big money for his furniture – unique in construction & functionality, his pieces are often made from rosewood and considered to be design master pieces. I stumbled across this table by accident – it was a surplus piece given to me when I purchased some chairs. On closer inspection I discovered the rare ‘Ib Kofod Larsen’ gold embossed stamp on one of the extending leaves and rubbed my hands together with glee! My brother & little sister chipped in to help me sand the surface but they quickly got bored leaving me to expose the grain & take all the glory! Sold**


1950s Industrial Lamp

The one I have is green, and I cheekily sent my sister to a strange man’s house in Derby to collect it! Fortunately nothing happened to her and it now hangs in my boyfriends bedroom oozing industrial charm. They’re pretty easy to get hold of but some can be a bit rusty and they often cost a bomb so hold out for a bargain, and I think I prefer the grey – very sophisticated.

Need A Little Step Up?

September 24, 2011

Step Ladder Stool

1970s Step Ladder Stool
Theres quite a few of these stools about, and they are often in need of a make over to take them from geriatric to glorious. So when I got my hands on this colourful oil cloth fabric I knew it was a match made in heaven. The biggest job with these stools is often not reupholstering the seatpads but scrubbing all the mud out of the groves in the rubber steps! But when complete they make a lovely retro addition to any living space, and the steps tuck into the body when not in use making it perfect for those smaller spaces. To date I’ve managed to rescue 3 of them and have shipped them off to new homes where they are very much loved. Sold**

Meredew My Dear?

September 24, 2011

Chest of Drawers1950s Meredew Chests
I won this perfect pair on ebay. My sister kindly drove me across town to collect them – she didn’t complain once despite my alarmingly poor map reading skills & when we nearly broke her car trying to get them into the boot! It took a while to get rid of the musty smell that was lingering in the drawers but no time at all to fall in love with them.

Read Between The Lines..

September 24, 2011

1950s Bookcase/Display Cabinet
Another example of one of these often overlooked but gorgeous bookcases. This one was made by Jentique and has a distinct Danish flavour with lovely tapered feet and scalloped drawer handles. The quality of craftsmanship is shown in the dovetail joints and the gently curved surfaces. But its the two lower drawers make this bookcase standout from its peers – a practical addition that not only looks elegant but also allows you to hide away all your mess when playing host! Currently on its way to a new home in Barcelona! Sold**

A Clockwork Orange!

September 24, 2011

Swivel Chair     
1960s Pair Of Swivel Chairs

Even on a recent trip to San Francisco I couldn’t resist the urge to scout out some treasures. The delicious orange leather on this gorgeous chair has been quilt lined, and is so thick that there are no signs of wear despite them being more than half a century old. The curves of the seat contrast beautifully with the industrial looking solid steel swivel feature. The owner of these amazing chairs got them from an abandoned naval base! Its rare to come across such gorgeous 60s retro, and this is without doubt an example is ‘cool’ with a capital C!


1960s Teak Lounge Chairs

These sweet little armchairs were being auctioned off as part of a house clearence. At first I wasn’t sure about the fawn/pale green patterned upholstery but quickly grew to love it after seeing them in real life. Danish inspired and from an era when furniture was at its best – incorporating simplistic, clean lines and perfect proportions. Polishing up some of the marks on the woodwork took abit of time, as did stuffing the cushion pads back into the seat covers after a quick wash but worth it to bring them back to their glamourous best. Sold**

Anyone for TEA?

September 22, 2011

Tea Cups

1960s Swedish Tea Cups
I have four of these little Swedish beauties complete with little saucers. Like a magpie I spied them in a junk shop looking far too glamourous for their cluttered environment. The vendour named his price and I quickly shoved them in my bag before anyone else could see. The understated yet uber cool print screams of Scandinavian sophistication – the saucers have been dipped in a black glaze to provide a striking contrast when teamed up with the delicate white cups. So for those of you who like drinking tea out of pretty cups please form an orderly queue outside my front door.

Danish Delight..

September 22, 2011

Sideboard1950s Teak Sideboard
Having carried this huge sideboard up 15 concreate steps with the help of my sister I can definately vouch for the fact that it is solid! Its well worth finding space for one of these gems in your home – not only are they gorgeous and finely crafted but perfect for hiding away clutter & paperwork. Sold**

My New Favourite Fabric

September 21, 2011

Dining Chairs

1960s G Plan Ladder Chairs
This John Lewis ‘Connections’ print fabric is my new favourite, and its thick woven quality makes it perfect for small upholstery jobs. At last check it was available in red, cream, blue & mustard but its been reduced to clear so be quick! Combining a quirky, irregular dandelion print with subtle mustard colouring was always going to be a winning formula, and when teamed up with the rich conker of these classic chairs there was no doubt the end result would be glorious. Sold**

Spice Up Your Life!

September 18, 2011

Spice Jars

1970s Kiln Craft Pots

I couldn’t resist these sweet little spice pots and they now sit on a shelf above the cooker looking gorgeous. I’ve recently discovered that theres actually 12 in the full set so I’m still on the hunt for the others – ‘thyme’, ‘rosemary’, ‘cloves’, ‘parsley’, ‘sage’ ‘bay leaves’ & ‘basil’.

When Standing Is Too much…

September 17, 2011

1970s Atomic Leg Stacking Stools
These stools came to me with pale yellow vinyl seat covers but they looked a bit worse for wear – so I gave them a quick make over & replaced some of the missing leg cups – and ‘voila’ 4 gorgeous little stools! The brown and white multi stem fabric provides a lovely quirky edge, and the white enamel legs give them a distinct eames era/industrial appearance. Plus they stack away tidily without taking up too much space – what more could you want!? They were sold with a lovely formica drop leaf table to create the sweetest little retro dining set. Sold**

Fine Dining..

September 16, 2011

g plan dining set
1980s G Plan Dining Set
If youre not familiar with ‘G Plan’  heres a quick lesson – The pioneering brand was launched in the 1950s by Donald Gomme, and much of the furniture was designed to emphasise curves rather than straight lines, and made using high quality teak with stunning grain patterns. And this set is no exception – the chairs have classic contoured back rests and the table boasts circular, tapered feet which are in keeping with geometric shapes made popular in the 1960s. Without arguement G Plan pieces are some of the most beautifully crafted, aesthetically pleasing furniture you’ll come across – so get yourself some quickly! Sold**

G Plan At Its Iconic Best

September 16, 2011

Table & Chair Set

1960s G Plan Dining Table & Chair Set

Another signature dining set of one of the most sought after vintage furniture makers – G Plan. I tracked this tired looking table & chairs combo down in Reading and after a quick wave of my magic wand (which was infact several hours of scrubbing, polishing & upholstering!) I had a stunning dining set on my hands. This is G Plan at its very best – striking grain patterns, hidden butterfly leaves, delicious curves, and complete with the rare gold embossed makers stamp. After many years of neglect G Plan pieces are now commanding high prices – people are discovering that furniture from that era was not only better made but that it also looks fantastic in a modern setting so what are you waiting for? Sold**

LOVE St Pauls!

September 15, 2011

St Pauls Bag Image

Tote Bags 2011
No one can argue that St Pauls needs a bit of love so my lovely boyfriend used his creative skills to come up with this fab logo, which we’ve since had screen printed onto 100 cotton tote bags! So help support/celebrate this diverse & vibrant part of Bristol by parading around with one of these gems. They’re selling for £5 each so come on, buy one and share the love!

Let There Be Light!

August 11, 2011

Anglepoise Lamps
1970s Anglepoise Lamps
This gorgeous picture needs to be credited to Wintersmoon. If you don’t already own one of these anglepoise lamps – get one! I rather greedily have three in red, white & turquoise but with bases rather than clamps. Made in the 60s/70s theres lots of them about, not always cheap but definately worth having.


August 10, 2011

Rocking Chair

1960s Parker Knoll Rocking Chair
This story started when my very generous boyfriend brought me an upholstery course for my birthday complete with a little tool box! After the initial excitment I quickly tracked down this gorgeous rocking chair in West Yorkshire and spent an intensive week replacing the tired old floral fabric with bright yellow woven upholstery – complete with zip and piping and perfect for bringing a bit of sunshine into your life! Sold**

Teak Freak!

August 8, 2011

teak Lounge Chair
1960s Teak Lounge Chair
Made by British manufacturer ‘Centa’ this lounge chair has a striking shape and the curved arm rests show the quality of the craftsmanship. Made expertly from my favourite wood – teak, it boasts simplistic clean lines & perfect proportions. Bringing it back to its former glory required lots of teak oil, polish and good old fashioned elbow grease. The pirelli webbing had also perished so I tried my hand at that too with great results! This one came to me as part of a pair from Worcester. Sold**

1970s Grayson Flip Clock
1970s Grayson Flip Clock
Good design needs to be shared – and rarely do you find a clock so retro, so cool and in RED! Unfortunately I just missed this one and am still kicking myself. Dating back to the 1970s these flip clocks were created to make a statement – the huge dimensions instantly draw your eyes while the bright colours scream retro! So if you have the good fortune to come across one make sure you do not leave it behind..

LOVE At First Sight!

August 7, 2011

Tomado Shelving Unit
1960s Tomado Shelving System
It was love at first sight when I came across these Dutch manufactured gems. Designed by Dekker for Tomado they are a simple design – wall mountable coloured metal shelves which hang off ladder like supports. Super elegant & practical. The Tomado’s cool mix of distinctly industrial design and block colour made it an instant hit with me, & reading that they are seldom seen outside of Holland set me my favourite kind of challenge! The one that now hangs in my boyfriends bedroom has 8 shelves – adds a great bit of floating storage, and its beauty still catches me by surprise. The Cathrineholm teapots in this picture are currently top of my ‘wanted’ list.

1960s G Plan Chairs

Not sure chairs get more beautiful than this; solid teak frames, tapered legs, curved back rests, floating seat pads – simply stunning craftsmanship. This G Plan range was designed to emphasise curves rather than straight lines, and they do it effortlessly. I went on a bit of a wild goose chase in Derby with my brother-in-law for these. Given we only had a postcode to work with it looked a bit hairy for a while but we returned with bigs smiles after claiming our treasure. Sold**

Three Legged Treasures..

August 6, 2011

Hans Olsen Teak Tripod Chairs

My heart almost stopped when I came across these in a junkshop. Realising quickly that the vendor had no idea of their value I had to use all my restraint not to jump for joy! Originally part of a set of four this pair were discovered during a house clearance. Designed in 1952 as part of a dining set by Hans Olsen for Frem Mobelfabrik, they are constructed entirely from Burmese teak and have a striking grain pattern. I had to work hard get the ciggerette smell out of the vinyl and learn new techniques to remedy a loose joint. But rarely does a find bring so much happiness. Sold**

Plastic Fantastic!

August 4, 2011

1960s Yellow Drop Leaf Formica Table

Formica is a plastic so not a friend of the eco-warriors but how could you not fall in love with this gorgeous little table. I spotted it hiding in the corner of a junk shop and quickly claimed my treasure. Carrying it to the bus stop was quite a task but maybe a test of how much I wanted it. It is gate leg in style with two drop leaves in a lovely sorbet yellow colour. Some of the joints were loose so needed a glue & clamp job, and a thorough scrub down before looking good as new. Super retro, super cool – what more could you want? Sold**

1950s Stacking Stools

So the love affair began with stools – piano stools, kitchen stools, high stools, low stools, foot stools… But these vintage 1950s stacking stools are my favourite. Made from entirely from beech wood they have a distinctly angular appearance, gorgeous little finger joints and the legs are bolted to the frame giving them a modern industrial look. They were rescued from a dingy garage and now take pride of place in someones study! Had the stools at school been this cool I might have parked my bum on them for a bit longer! Sold**

Sewing Box

1970s Sherbourne Sewing Box

It was hard not to fall in love with this super cute sewing box – splayed dansette legs, lift open lid to hide all your treasures & bright red quilted lining inside – gorgeous! And my delight was aided by its owner letting me have it for £1.50! Saying that removing the old bolted hinges to recover the top was a mini nightmare requiring a trip to B&Q and lots of wood glue. All was quickly forgiven when sizing up the finished product. Sold**