A Clockwork Orange!

September 24, 2011

Swivel Chair     
1960s Pair Of Swivel Chairs

Even on a recent trip to San Francisco I couldn’t resist the urge to scout out some treasures. The delicious orange leather on this gorgeous chair has been quilt lined, and is so thick that there are no signs of wear despite them being more than half a century old. The curves of the seat contrast beautifully with the industrial looking solid steel swivel feature. The owner of these amazing chairs got them from an abandoned naval base! Its rare to come across such gorgeous 60s retro, and this is without doubt an example is ‘cool’ with a capital C!


2 Responses to “A Clockwork Orange!”

  1. Kerrie Obert said

    Are you interested in selling these chairs? I have an entire set of four and would like to have two more for dinner parties. The original set were my grandmothers and they are in perfect condition.

  2. Hi Kerrie
    Thanks for your message. The chairs were in an apartment I rented when I was staying in San Francisco so unfortunately they do not belong to me. But they’re so gorgeous that I’m not sure I could let them go even if they did!! Rujina

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