Lime & Soda Water

October 23, 2011

soda syphon
1920s Vintage Soda Syphon

After seeing a beautiful soda syphon that some friends had lugged back from Brazil – I knew I had to have one! Traditionally used for dispensing soda water they’ve come back into fashion following the trend to acquire classic products. I thought a couple of them could look great in my bathroom filled with handwash to add a bit of old world charm. But I stupidly misread the measurements and had a bit of a shock when they turned out to be 40cm tall! So now they sit on my dresser with no other purpose than to look gorgeous.


One Response to “Lime & Soda Water”

  1. Honeymck said

    Ms Opalfruitcake – what can I say – a fab blog and how do you have time to go to work?! Love these bottles! You are so clever, love what you have done with the furniture and love the blog. Hope to be sitting on one of your creations soon drinking coffee out of a lush cup! Honey McK

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