Save The Day..

October 29, 2011

perpetual calendar
1950s Perpetual Calendar

These old calendars work using a series of 6 knobs which wind forwards & backwards to display the date – and this particular beauty is one of the most beloved items in my treasure trove. They were commonly seen in post offices back in the 60s & 70s and are now highly sought after to add a touch of vintage charm to modern interiors. They’re generally quite pricey but given you’ll never need to replace it I’d say its a very wise investment. Incidentally this one is set at my birthday so no excuses!


3 Responses to “Save The Day..”

  1. Rachel Sheppard said

    Wow Rej, am super impressed with your super cool work. Having a very lazy Saturday morning and finally got around to the pleasurable task of browsing your blog. Look forward to receiving the updates.
    Rach xxx

  2. Andrew Bell said

    Hi there. I know this lil gem was up some time ago but I don’t suppose it’s up for sale?

    • Hi. This is one of the few treasures I couldnt part with and decided to keep for myself! They come up on eBay now and then so its worth keeping your eyes peeled.. Hope that helps, Rujina

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