Crayola Colour #71 Olive Green

December 3, 2011

dining chairs
1962 Kofod Larsen Dining Chairs
So, I’ve managed to restore another 4 of these glorious chairs, albeit miraculously given the rather distressing state they were in! I roped my dad into helping me this time – he patiently scraped away at the unplesant glue remains and repaired the wobbles, and after a much needed clean, sand & polish they are (almost) back to their elegant best. This set has been re-upholstered in a gorgeous olive green fabric giving them a fabulous mid century glow. I originally had 10 of these chairs and to my delight I’ve been able to bring 8 of them back to life but the last couple really are beyond repair and will have to remain as spares! Sold**


3 Responses to “Crayola Colour #71 Olive Green”

  1. Verity said

    They look so good! I I really would love to buy one of them from you – i have got some lovely fabric I would like to show you too. Xx

  2. Catherine said

    I’ve recently bought some identical Kofod Larsen chairs which are in need of some TLC. I was wondering if you could advise me on how to remove/reattach the floating seats in order to recover them? All screws etc are hidden and I’d rather not dive in before I’ve worked out how to put them back together!
    Many thanks – your restoration looks fantastic. 🙂

    • Hi. I’m sorry for the late reply. Yeah I resorted 8 these some time ago and I remember it was a headache! I can’t quite remember the technique but it was a alot of trial & error. I think the seat pad screws are hidden under the seat sponge so to reveal them requires removing the upholstery?! My method is often to dive in and hope for the best but I would advise that you do it step by step & plan/resolving problems as they arise. The chairs really are gorgeous and an example of iconic 60s design and worth the frustration! Hope that helps, sorry its abit vague. Get back to me if I can answer anymore queries. Thanks Rujina

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