The Dynamic Duo

June 17, 2012

1950s STAG Chest of Drawers

I’ve recently become the proud owner of one of these glorious chests – unfortunately mine isn’t as slick so I’m in the process of sanding back the oak veneer to make it gleem. They were designed in the 1950s by dynamic (husband & wife) duo John & Sylvia Reid for STAG as part of their ‘C’ range. The stark design, recessed handles & turned feet have made them highly sought after – and unlike many of their counterparts STAG furniture was mass factory produced meaning theres alot of it floating about so keep your eyes peeled! Sold**


2 Responses to “The Dynamic Duo”

  1. Sally said

    Hi I also have one of these chestsbut the top is pretty scratched. Do you have any tips for restoration? Thanks!

    • Mine had quite a few scratches/marks on it too!
      I hand sanded the whole cabinet (took ages but worth the effort!) and finished it off with a few coats of oil. Its made from oak veneer so you just have to be careful not to break or damage the panelling. Hope that helps, Rujina

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