Phoning A Friend Has Never Been So Stylish!

October 15, 2012

Telephone Table
1960s Telephone Table

This one nearly reduced me to tears – took 8 hrs to scrape off the bad varnish job & the best tool I had was a butter knife! A quick polish & some much needed love has made it quite a sight to behold. I tarted it up with a newly upholstered cushion, & had no doubt it would compliment any hallway it had the pleasure of adorning. Sold**


7 Responses to “Phoning A Friend Has Never Been So Stylish!”

  1. sanchez said

    amazing products, especially fabric – would you mind telling me what it is and where you get it from?

  2. Hannah said

    Is this telephone table for sale?

    • hi hannah, unfortunately it sold some time ago – i do try to regularly list item for sale via eBay using my ‘opalfruitcake’ seller name so keep an eye out for future items..

      thanks for your interest

    • Hannah, not sure if you’re still interested but just to let you know I’ve managed to source another telephone table. Its currently on sale through eBay (item number 170930042963) but feel free to contact me through wordpress if you have any questions. Thanks, Rujina

  3. Noor said

    Hi, I am looking for a telephone table like this. Would you be able to source me one?

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