1966 G Plan ‘Fresco’ Chairs
This handsome pair are from the popular ‘Fresco’ range and were designed for G Plan by VB Wilkins. The circular seat pad & curved, padded back rest makes for arguably one of G Plan’s most comfortable chairs – with sufficient padding to park any size behind! They can be found in a variety of fabrics but these have retained their original black vinyl upholstery. I carried them home from a nearby junkshop, which seemed like a good idea until I woke up the next day and couldn’t move my arms from the pain! Sold**


photo1950’s Butterfly Chairs
These are G Plan’s most iconic & instantly recognisable chairs from their earlier Liberenza range. Designed in 1955 by E. Gomme they are uniquely crafted using tola wood curved back rests & ebonised frames. I squealed with joy when I got my hands on a set of these but it turns out mine are a very good copy and not the real thing! Back to the drawing board..

dining chairs
1962 Kofod Larsen Dining Chairs
So, I’ve managed to restore another 4 of these glorious chairs, albeit miraculously given the rather distressing state they were in! I roped my dad into helping me this time – he patiently scraped away at the unplesant glue remains and repaired the wobbles, and after a much needed clean, sand & polish they are (almost) back to their elegant best. This set has been re-upholstered in a gorgeous olive green fabric giving them a fabulous mid century glow. I originally had 10 of these chairs and to my delight I’ve been able to bring 8 of them back to life but the last couple really are beyond repair and will have to remain as spares! Sold**

teak chairs
1962 Ib Kofod Larsen Chairs
Designed for G Plan’s Danish range these chairs are simply striking. The floating seatpads, hidden fixings & rich teak framework firmly secures their iconic status. I’ve got 10 of these increasingly rare chairs but sadly they arrived in varying degrees of quality – some have wobbles/breaks while others have been subjected to a ghastly glue job, and one has even had its leg chewed by a dog(!) So far I’ve salvaged 4 & have recovered them in a gorgeous rich teal fabric. Perfect to add an air of sophistication to any dining experience. Sold**