Alfred Cox For Heals

April 27, 2013

1950s Alfred Cox Chest of Drawers
British manufacturer Alfred Cox produced high quality designs which retailed in Heals throughout the 1950s & 60s. I’ve generally considered their furniture to be out of my league so I was pretty excited when this striking chest of drawers came my way! Made from veneered walnut panels and sat on wonderful angular legs it screams glamour. Unfortunately the one I have looks like it has been through a warzone, and I’ve never worked with walnut so its restoration should be interesting (aka, long & hardwork, urgh!)


Al ‘Fresco’ Feast!

September 6, 2012

chest of drawers
1960s G Plan Chest
This rather charming 3 drawer teak chest/cabinet is from G Plan’s immensely popular ‘Fresco’ range, which is credited with starting the revolution in Scandinavian style furniture. I spotted the distinctive handles the minute I stepped into the junk shop & with the help of my other half swiftly bundled it into the back of his car and made a quick getaway before anyone else could claim it! The drawers are dovetailed, the lines are clean, the grain pattern is gorgeous and the top drawer hides a lovely cutlery tray (complete with purple velvet lining – fancy!) What more could you want? Sold**

chest of drawers
1950s Retro Bedside Cabinets
Salvaged from an almost certain death – this stylish pair started life as a rather drab looking dressing table set but removing the ghastly mirrors & replacing the drawer handles has given them a new lease of life! The black splayed legs make them an instant retro hit and the petite size provides the perfect diguise for their new life as bedside cabinets. The light weight wood veener frames needed quite a scrub after being banished to the far corner of a junkshop but who would know now that they were ever anything short of fabulous!! Sold**

Top Drawer

October 15, 2011

1964 Austinsuite Chest of Drawers
I still kick myself for letting go of this one! Designed by Frank Guille for high end manufacturer Austinsuite, these wonderful chests have become the only way to store your clothes! Guille held the belief that ‘function lies within form’ and he demonstrated this effortlessly with his body of work, and this piece with its scalloped handles & tapered feet is no exception. The distinctly Danish appearance teamed with the richness of the teak really does make it stand out from its peers. I rescued this one from a charity shop – the vendour even knocked £5 off for a scratch it was carrying, which I quickly remedied to get it looking as good as new. Sold**