Whose for Corrie?

May 12, 2012

tv chair
1950s Parker Knoll TV Chair

These chairs are so rare that it took me almost a year to track one down, & like buses several came at once making me the proud owner of 3! Originally designed in the 50s simply to lounge in front of the TV on, their status today has been propelled to retro gold – with their low slung style, velvet upholstery & stunning framework making them one of the best looking chairs in Parker Knoll’s catalogue. It took me a while to sand (out the names ‘Abby’ & ‘Becca’ that were scratched into the framework in child’s handwriting!) and get them back to their stylish best. & so much was the temptation of these delightful gems that I couldn’t resist keeping one for myself – the other two are soon to be whisked off to their new home. Sold**



August 10, 2011

Rocking Chair

1960s Parker Knoll Rocking Chair
This story started when my very generous boyfriend brought me an upholstery course for my birthday complete with a little tool box! After the initial excitment I quickly tracked down this gorgeous rocking chair in West Yorkshire and spent an intensive week replacing the tired old floral fabric with bright yellow woven upholstery Рcomplete with zip and piping and perfect for bringing a bit of sunshine into your life! Sold**