Telephone Table
1960s Telephone Table

This one nearly reduced me to tears – took 8 hrs to scrape off the bad varnish job & the best tool I had was a butter knife! A quick polish & some much needed love has made it quite a sight to behold. I tarted it up with a newly upholstered cushion, & had no doubt it would compliment any hallway it had the pleasure of adorning. Sold**


Whose for Corrie?

May 12, 2012

tv chair
1950s Parker Knoll TV Chair

These chairs are so rare that it took me almost a year to track one down, & like buses several came at once making me the proud owner of 3! Originally designed in the 50s simply to lounge in front of the TV on, their status today has been propelled to retro gold – with their low slung style, velvet upholstery & stunning framework making them one of the best looking chairs in Parker Knoll’s catalogue. It took me a while to sand (out the names ‘Abby’ & ‘Becca’ that were scratched into the framework in child’s handwriting!) and get them back to their stylish best. & so much was the temptation of these delightful gems that I couldn’t resist keeping one for myself – the other two are soon to be whisked off to their new home. Sold**

Criminally Good Looking!

April 28, 2012

1960’s Guy Rogers Sofa
So, it’s my 30th birthday and I’ve treated myself to a little something, and gosh its good looking! I’ve never been so enticed by a piece of furniture – produced by Guy Rogers in 1969 for Heals of London it’s the ultimate in mid century living. Beautifully shaped & handcrafted in solid afromosia its seriously mouth watering, and as a bonus its original mustard upholstery is in great condition & perfect for lounging on!

Small But Perfectly Formed!

January 24, 2012

Telephone Table
1960s Chippy Telephone Table/Seat
As you might have guessed I’m a bit partial to a telephone table and the quirky charm of this delightful little one instantly caught my eye. Beautifully made, it has an extending seat that tucks away when not in use and also benefits from a from a single drawer unit – plus a rather handy wipe-clean, notepad/pull out shelf! Although petite in appearance it easily holds its own and makes quite a statement. It came to me with a broken leg but I put my first aid skills to use to give it a new lease of life, and then jazzed it up with some colourful new upholstery. Sold**

dining chairs
1962 Kofod Larsen Dining Chairs
So, I’ve managed to restore another 4 of these glorious chairs, albeit miraculously given the rather distressing state they were in! I roped my dad into helping me this time – he patiently scraped away at the unplesant glue remains and repaired the wobbles, and after a much needed clean, sand & polish they are (almost) back to their elegant best. This set has been re-upholstered in a gorgeous olive green fabric giving them a fabulous mid century glow. I originally had 10 of these chairs and to my delight I’ve been able to bring 8 of them back to life but the last couple really are beyond repair and will have to remain as spares! Sold**

teak chairs
1962 Ib Kofod Larsen Chairs
Designed for G Plan’s Danish range these chairs are simply striking. The floating seatpads, hidden fixings & rich teak framework firmly secures their iconic status. I’ve got 10 of these increasingly rare chairs but sadly they arrived in varying degrees of quality – some have wobbles/breaks while others have been subjected to a ghastly glue job, and one has even had its leg chewed by a dog(!) So far I’ve salvaged 4 & have recovered them in a gorgeous rich teal fabric. Perfect to add an air of sophistication to any dining experience. Sold**

Writings On The Wall..

October 12, 2011

desk1960s Writing Desk
A timeless offering from master manufacturer – Austinsuite. This gorgeous piece started life as a dressing table but easily disguises itself as a desk. With its gorgeous scalloped handles & distinctive feet – sitting & writing out your tax returns has never been so glamourous! Sold**


August 10, 2011

Rocking Chair

1960s Parker Knoll Rocking Chair
This story started when my very generous boyfriend brought me an upholstery course for my birthday complete with a little tool box! After the initial excitment I quickly tracked down this gorgeous rocking chair in West Yorkshire and spent an intensive week replacing the tired old floral fabric with bright yellow woven upholstery Рcomplete with zip and piping and perfect for bringing a bit of sunshine into your life! Sold**

1960s G Plan Chairs

Not sure chairs get more beautiful than this; solid teak frames, tapered legs, curved back rests, floating seat pads Рsimply stunning craftsmanship. This G Plan range was designed to emphasise curves rather than straight lines, and they do it effortlessly. I went on a bit of a wild goose chase in Derby with my brother-in-law for these. Given we only had a postcode to work with it looked a bit hairy for a while but we returned with bigs smiles after claiming our treasure. Sold**